Medium/Dark roast. Mellow. Hazelnut, brown sugar, orange blossom, cocoa, spice notes.

Spot On

Medium/Dark Roast. Guatemala & Sumatra. Sweet and bold and our top seller!

Lucky Stars

Medium roast. Columbia & Sumatra. Great body, smooth, rich and round.

Half Caff

Medium/Dark roast. Peru & Decaf Peru. Terrific taste with a gentler jolt!


Dark Columbia & Honduras & Sumatra. One of our in-house espresso faves, but also great for any coffee maker! Bold with sweet dark chocolate notes.

Peru Decaf

Medium/Dark roast. Swiss water process. Sweet, clean, brown sugar & cocoa notes.


Dark roast. Sweet, clean, mellow and rich. Brown sugar, cocoa notes.


Dark roast. Bold. Raisin, brown sugar, smoky notes.


Medium /Dark roast. Bright. Brown sugar, roast peach, almond notes.


Medium roast. Aromatic, sweet & round. Cocoa, fruit & nut notes.